Resources for Educators Interested in Web 2.0 in the Classroom

Web 2.0 is a more social and collaborative way to interact with the web, enabling users to customize their web experience more easily than ever before. Perhaps most importantly for educators, Web 2.0 tools are incredibly customizable across grade levels, content areas, and learning styles. Unlike most pre-packaged software, web 2.0 tools can be tweaked to fit very particular content and pedagogical needs.

*Please note: Some of these sites are for students, while others are for teachers and may not be appropriate for all grade levels. Some will be blocked at school, no doubt. In every case, these sites can help to enhance the curriculum directly or indirectly, so if you can't use them at school, they are still quite helpful from home or other locations.

Below is a list of current web 2.0 tools that I'm using, as well as tools that I recommend exploring if you're a K12 teacher.

Personal Productivity tools that I use often:
  • LiveBinders - an online, virtual notebook of resources
  • Evernote - mobile, synchronized note-taking, to-do
  • Twitter - micro blogging/social network
  • Prezi- web-based presentation/collaboration tool
  • Diigo - synchronized/web-based bookmarking
  • Google Docs - collaborative office suite
  • Google Calendar - free, part of your google account

Tools that teachers use directly with students in the classroom:
  • Wordle - word clouds from text documents
  • Storybird - web-based creative writing
  • Glogster - multimedia project posters
  • Animoto - book-trailer/movie-trailer/commercial creation
  • Edmodo - school-friendly micro blogging
  • Diigo - synchronized/web-based bookmarking

General Resources