Welcome to VASCD! We will use the agenda below as a guide, and adjust the workshop to fit our interests. None of this material will be removed, so if you need to refer back to this, or explore more on your own, feel free!

I'll explain each of these tools, and why you should spend time using them in your classroom and/or school.

  • Wordle - most folks have heard of this tool, but haven't taken time to really dive in. Let's do that now!
  • Google Forms - linked to a gmail/google account. Having and using a google account opens up a slew of great (and free) tools!
  • Google Maps - one of the most powerful, yet underused, web 2.0 tools for 21st century classrooms!
  • Animoto - free, short little commercials/book trailers
  • Glogster- multimedia posters! (make sure when you return to school, you use edu.glogster.com, not just www.glogster.com)
  • Storybird - free, web-based (with stunning artwork!) digital books

***Be sure to visit this site later - Common Craft - dozens of fantastic, short tutorials on web 2.0 concepts and tools.